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I’ve tried and tested a lot of gear over the years… a lot has been great and I’ve stuck with and other stuff has not lasted, been uncomfortable (think running shorts that turned into running undies…!!) or just hasn’t suited my needs as a runner and triathlete. Below is a list of gear I LOVE… I’ve done the hard (and at times embarrassing) work for you!

FOHER Co – I have the sleeved tri suit in a different colour as I was an ambassador for their company a few years back. I love this suit so much. It provides awesome sun protection and is super comfortable. I love that being a one piece, you don’t have to fiddle with shorts or top rising up. The hipster run shorts are also a favourite, super flattering and just the right length!

Garmin Fenix 5s Plus – I love this watch! I originally started with a Garmin 910XT back in the day and upgraded to this watch after many years with my old faithful 910XT. There’s so many things to love about this watch including the sleep tracker, to constantly remind me how often Darcy is nursing overnight! The 5s fits perfectly on my tiny wrist too and I wear it everyday as it just looks like a normal watch. It also has the ability to store and play up to 500 songs which is awesome when you don’t want to run with your phone.

Merrell Bare Access Arc’s – I love my Merrell’s! These are super comfortable for both short and long runs. They have a 0mm heel to toe drop for all you minimalist runners out there. I transitioned to this shoe at the start of last year after being in the Brooks Pure Range for a couple of years which has a 4mm heel to toe drop and haven’t looked back. I transitioned to a more minimalist shoe after getting Peroneal tendonitis from a stability shoe about 8 years ago. I used to run in a shoe which was meant to help “overpronation” – turns out, it was the cause of my overpronation! Since transitioning down to a more minimalist shoe I haven’t had any issues with it at all.

Sony waterproof bluetooth headphones – Nate gifted these headphones to me 2 years ago for my birthday. They have 4GB storage so you can listen to music or podcasts while swimming as they are waterproof. They’re so cool! I also love them for running too. I have tiny ears and the Apple earbuds always fall out of my ears or I am always fiddling with them – these I pop in and off I go.

Lorna Jane nursing sports bra – Look, I do love my Lorna Jane gear and I find it lasts so I will recommend this bra. However, as you can see on the next image you can get great nursing sports bras for a fraction of the price.

Target nursing sports bra – I purchased this bra on a whim when pregnant with Darcy it was less than $20 and I figured if it wasn’t that great I hadn’t lost out too much. Turns out it is one of my best purchases – supportive yet comfortable and so reasonably priced!

What’s your go to gear? Want me to test anything out for you and give you a review? Leave a comment below.

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