On Sunday I found myself tossing up whether to use my “me time” to have a nap or go for a run. Every inch of my body was craving a nap (Darcy’s night sleep has been awful recently, 2-3 hourly feeding overnight and partying at 3am) but as I walked around the grocery store like a space cadet, I gave myself a pep talk and committed to running instead.

Training with 2 small children is tricky, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not always easy but it sure is worth it. It takes teamwork and dedication. Nate and I make it work by being creative with our time and training schedules and above all, supporting each others priorities.

So for Nate, he makes use of his lunch breaks to either play soccer, go to the gym or get a run in. That way, when he’s home from work I can tag out and get a run or strength session in.

A typical afternoon for us looks like this:

Nate gets home from work and plays with Matilda/feeds Darcy some solids while I get Matilda’s dinner sorted.

Bath both kids then dinner for Matilda.

I’ll nurse Darcy (although we’re changing this around at the moment in hopes for some more sleep *crosses fingers*) and then put him to bed.

Nate finishes dinner with Matilda and gets started on cooking ours while I either go downstairs on the treadmill or head out the door for a run.

Back in time (most of the time) for books, teeth and bed for Matilda.

Dinner for us and then Nate will often do a strength or running session downstairs when both kids are in bed. I’ll join him to do my pelvic floor and core or strength work or stay upstairs and do some yoga.

As you can see, it really takes teamwork to make this work but we’re both better partners and parents when we get this time in for ourselves.

On the weekends I try and capitalise on the fact Nate is home so will get a run in earlier in the day while Darcy sleeps or he hangs with both kids.

I’m hoping that Darcy’s sleep overnight will start improving soon so we can use the mornings too – but at the moment I’m needing coffee injected into my eyeballs to even get out of bed in the mornings.

It doesn’t last… they are only little for such a short time… right?! Riiiiiiiight?!?!

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