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For those that don’t already know me, I’m Brooke. I’ve recently had my second child and as a way to hold myself accountable and get back into running ( & triathlons!) I’ve started Runner 2 Mumma.

We recently headed over to the U.S. and on our final day I ran a 10km with my best friend Mandz. I had barely run since Feb 2018, thanks to morning sickness and all the other fun stuff that goes along with pregnancy!

I was surprised at both how difficult and slow it was, but also, how amazing muscle memory is and the fact that I could still run 10km after such a long break. This was the catalyst to come home and really focus on getting back into training – as well as blogging.

With 2 kids ( & a very supportive husband) in tow, I welcome you to follow along on my journey from Runner 2 Mumma and back again.

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